Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipsticks A Mini Review

This is just a mini review before I do my video A sneak peak I would say..These by far are one of my favorite drug store lip products..  They also claim to restore your lips in seven days I don't know yet Starting next week I will challenge that claim and say the result in my video. So I Only purchased three colors , Two I am more then happy with and one is ehh.. I won't return it because my mother enjoyed the color and I can always use it on her or other potential clients. (with a lip brush of course LOL).. First thing I noticed is some of these have an extreme amount of shimmer .. I HATE THAT so I tried to pick ones that were almost matte .. I wish they would have not included the shimmer It always makes me look extremely weird. Thats the only con . Pros , Its extremely and I mean EXTREMELY pigmented. It is nice and creamy but not slip and slide creamy like the NYX lippies once you put it on it dries up a little bit but feels like a lip balm and stays moist for hours. Also The color fades into a beautiful lip stain. That is a plus for me but only when you are eating and drinking. Also I only had to reapply once. It is VERY long lasting. The color variety is great from reds to browns pinks and even nudes and oranges .. Here are some pictures and swatches and a little description 
365 Enchantress , 325 Spell Bound, 400 Temptress
I am not  a big fan of enchantress too much shimmer and I hate shimmer on the lips. But I will live lol!
My two favorite are spellbound and Temptress.. They hardly have shimmer and look matte especially Spellbound .
Here are the swatches on my hand!
Now swatches on the lips I used a black background to put focus on the lip color.. 
My least favorite it would be such a pretty color if it wasn't shimmery ...

 My second favorite lip color this is very bright and very bold camera doesn't do it justice!! I loveee it
My Number one favorite Temptress this is BEAUTIFUL on me goes well with my skin tone and doesn't have alot of shimmer if any!!.. This is going to waste fast lol.. I just love it! This is a must have along with spellbound.. Here is a full picture
I am also wearing the new Fit me Foundation in 230 with My air-spun face  powder  in transparent.. 
Thank you for reading ladies a video review very soon!!