Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Nightmare Before Christmas In Polymer Clay Form!

This Figurine toke me a couple of hours to do.. The white and glow in the dark clay was sooo hard and was even harder to condition.. I loved this peice! Zero (the dog), the worm and the tombstone all glow in the dark and they LOOK AMAZING especially zero .. Here are some pictures.!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodwill Haul

Yesterday afternoon my mother and I were on the hunt for an outfit for her to where to an event. Yes you can find some pretty sexy things in the goodwill you just have to have patience and actually look threw all the clothes. So she really didn't find anything of interest so we just looked around instead.. I found some cool cookie cutters for my Polymer clay tool box I have on my dresser. I am still awaiting my freaking order from the online store The Polymer Clay Superstore .But anyways I came across a great Handbag I fall in love with I couldn't get it because I had just spent all my money on a Christmas gift for Anayah so I was flat broke but my mom ended up picking it up for me and saying she didn't want it lmao.! But I am very appreciative Its a huge gray bag perfect for school can't wait to try it out next semester. I will be done with classes this Thursday so yyippie a lil mini break.. here is the bag I got!! I absolutely love it! It was $1.99 I know right :) see you in the next post!! :) xoxoxo