Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loreal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler Week 1

Before I get into anything if you have no idea what collagen is or what it does here is some amazing information to help you understand .

I was kind of worried that by using this product my skin would actually start to age. I only picked this up because honestly it was cheap and the jar held a lot of product lol!! I know right, I was actually looking for an oil free moisturizer and still am (leave suggestions below). I didn't think twice about the collagen. The first night I noticed my skin was soo moisturized and soft.. By the third night time note that my face was soft but firm places were my skin was a thinned out like under my eyes have started to firm up.. My skin was not saggy but it firmed up my skin really nice. I only use this product at night and sometimes in te day if I have nowhere to go and are not putting on makeup. Since it is not oil free I wouldn't suggest oily skinned people like myself I use it under foundation you will get greasy .. It states it doesn't give you a greasy feel but it kind of does so be careful when using it under foundation. Other wide I really love this product and recommend it for woman.. Any questions please ask away thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St.Ives apricot scrub blemish & blackhead control

This product is oil-free (thank the heavens) salicylic acid (2%)acne medication with 100% natural exfoliants. Not tested on animals and is dermatologist tested. This a acne treatment, but I feel people who do not have that problem would benefit from this product as well.

To exfoliate and prevent blemishes and clean pores. Also, that it does not over dry your skin while fighting blemishes.

My thoughts/experience:
I LOVE this scrub and in fact have always gone back to it. My skin after using this is beyond supple, radiant, and acne free. I use a dime size almost everyday and it does exactly what it says it will do and more. I've noticed I am not as red as I was before. I hardly have to worry about acne and my makeup looks great on because My skin is so soft. It indeed does not make your skin dry actually feels as if it moisturizes my skin. After I use it my face feels great because of the natural exfoliants in it. If some of you may or may not know , exfoliating your skin is very important. Some people choose to do this everyday and some every other day. This promotes and help you have healthy glowing skin. When you exfoliant your simulating blood cells which will help them move more smoothly, and that gives you that healthy skin. The acne medication in this product works wonders the only time I breakout is when I am on my cycle. I highly suggest everyone to try this out and with the low price you cannot beat it. St.Ives also has a bunch of other great products to choose from as well..

I brought mines at Rite Aid for about $4.29 and had to share how much I love this product. If you have any questions please feel free to ask down below in the comments section.
Thank you for taking the time out to read this post and have a wonderful day!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Viva Glam Nicki Dupe Alert

Here she is in all her glory.. I love this lipstick and not for the name but for the color. I thought it was quite unique and it wasn't something I could dupe with just the online swatches so I fell and got it. So amazing after getting it and trying it on I knew right away what drug store lipstick it reminded me of. So here we go, first  picture is the Nicki lipstick.. MAC prices her at $14.50

So here we have the dupe aside the MAC lipstick. The dupe is Cover Girl lip perfection in 400 Temptress ($7.49 I paid).. The ONLY differences would be one consistency of formulas , MAC is a little more thicker and build-able. Whereas The Cover Girl is a little more watery and if you try to build it up looks cakey too much.  Difference number two is that Cover Girl has sparkles in it they are not too noticeable until you get up close and personal. That is pretty much it as far as Differences but if you do not wish to donate your money to AIDS Awareness which is what MAC does with the money spent on this particular lipstick you can always just go into Rite aid or your local drugstore and pick up its dupe. Its quite spot on but I prefer the Nicki and will be buying a couple more. Its such a beautiful color Fits all skin tones. In the picture to your left is a bunch of other lipsticks I tried to match it with. The three lined up starting form the left is pink nouveau(MAC) The middle one is Impassioned(MAC) and the last one is Temptress( cover girl.) The top one by its lonesome is Viva Glam Nicki.(MAC) 
So here I decided to add a few other dupes. Now I have fallen in love with this winters trend , Dark Plum lips. My favorite for that was Revlon's Lipstick in 663 Va Va Voliet until I purchased MAC's Satin Lipstick In Cyber. OMG!! What a beautiful color that is so thick and rich and I love it.. LOL I compared the too and Revlon's Lipstick is has a bit more purplish reddish to it and Cyber is a little more purple black but with the right lip-liner they both would look the same.  Revlon Is the cheaper version for you ladies on a budget but I enjoy both. The swatches below show the color difference in them The top one is Revlon In 663 va va voliet and the bottom is MAC's Cyber . 

My third and final dupe for today is another of my MAC favorites shown in the middle and it is Neon Orange. I found two dupes for them one being a drug store product and another being high end as well. The Drugstore lipstick is actually the first one lined up and it is Milanis 42 Mandrina. Very thick and rich in color but not as thick as the MAC. Then Lastly is the OCC (obsessive compulsive cosmetics) lip tar in the color Beta .. I love lip tars but I highly recommend wearing a base. none the less as you can see they're all basically the same color. 

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog post and let me know some of your favorite dupes.I would love to hear them!!! :) Take care and until next time. Please feel free to share this blog with fellow makeup lovers !!!