Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loreal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler Week 1

Before I get into anything if you have no idea what collagen is or what it does here is some amazing information to help you understand .

I was kind of worried that by using this product my skin would actually start to age. I only picked this up because honestly it was cheap and the jar held a lot of product lol!! I know right, I was actually looking for an oil free moisturizer and still am (leave suggestions below). I didn't think twice about the collagen. The first night I noticed my skin was soo moisturized and soft.. By the third night time note that my face was soft but firm places were my skin was a thinned out like under my eyes have started to firm up.. My skin was not saggy but it firmed up my skin really nice. I only use this product at night and sometimes in te day if I have nowhere to go and are not putting on makeup. Since it is not oil free I wouldn't suggest oily skinned people like myself I use it under foundation you will get greasy .. It states it doesn't give you a greasy feel but it kind of does so be careful when using it under foundation. Other wide I really love this product and recommend it for woman.. Any questions please ask away thanks for reading!!!

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