Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jemma Kidd Liquid Eyeliners

Heeyy Ya'll!!!
 Jemma Kidd liquid liners are really nice. I have two and each were priced at $16.99 each, not including state taxes. I purchased mines at target but you can probably find them at other stores where her brand is or online. I am going to list the pro and the cons really quickly of the formula not the colors.
- VERY long wearing stays on for hours even when lids get a little greasy
-Creamy formula
- No smell what so ever
-Very nice amount in bottle will last you for a very long time

-I hate the brush it gets really messy and doesn't give me precise application
- Without eye makeup remover this stuff does not come off easyly
- When you get this on your eye lashes you're kinda doomed lol
- VERY sticky

Now with the colors I feel the purple just lacks something. It is not as pigmented as I was hoping it would be, it looks as though it would be pretty bright. I will say the formula is for some reason a little more smoother and easy to apply. The Teal on the other hand is beautiful I am in love with it and alone gives drama to a simple cat liner. It shines so pretty when the light hits it and brings out your eyes. It is a little more clumpy and a little more sticky but once applied and has dried soo worth the fight!!..

If I could change something I definitely would ask Jemma Kidd to make it WAY less sticky and way more pigment on certain colors. Other wise I do recommend the Teal color. Enjoy below pictures Thanks for stopping by!! Subscribe to my blog if you haven't !!!



 Purple in 03 Drama , Teal in 01 Covert


Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

   I Brought this mascara a couple of weeks ago and just started using it a couple of days behind. I am totally digging this masacar. I don't like waterproof so I was more then pleased to see this was not waterproof.
  The cool thing about this mascara is that it has two different settings. Setting one is for length and drama, this is my favorite so far. I will say although it is my favorite it tends to get really clumpy . It gives me a fuller look but does get clumpy and if not applyed right, you can get that spider lash effect. Setting number two is for length and definiton . I like this side as well but not as much as setting number one. This setting does not really clump up on you, which is good. I studied the wand and when you switch the settings a new set of brushes pop in and out. That is what gives you the different effect because the formula stays the same. Below are some pictures please enjoy...

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Monday, May 14, 2012 First Impression

I will be jumping straight into things and listing a few likes and dislikes about 
Also you can get your First pair of glasses free just use the code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout. is also having a 30-50% off sale !!!

- I love how they have a wide selection of frames. Not only do they have inexpensive ones they also have some nicely priced glasses. I've seen some go up to $200 and some at $30 dollars. Something for everyone's price budget.
- I like how the brand eye frames such as Fendi, Prada, Ray-ban, Gucci, and others are not as expensive as you would find in stores. I brought a pair of Gucci frames for $300 at a place in my neighborhood. The website has Prada for less then $200 including your prescription!
- My glasses were made in hours ( On your account online you can check the progress of your glasses) Order was put in at 6pm and by 10pm my glasses passed an inspection !!! The following day they shipped!!!!
- Shipping was SUPER FAST!!! I got my package before expected delivery date. 
- Website was beyond organized, easy to follow and clean.
- Customer service is amazing. 
-items was nicely packaged (see below pictures)

Over all I enjoyed my experience and have already been referring them to friends and family member's !!

Here are a few things I didn't like:

- The option to upload a picture and virtually try them on kept crashing on me until I gave up and just went with the model pictures.
- I would rather see the glasses on a mannequin  head because I feel the pictures of the glasses on the model's pictures are not accurate . 
- Frames sell out quickly 
- Some frames are a limited supply only so you have to act quick. 

That is pretty much how I feel. Stay tuned to my Youtube channel The Final review will be up in a week or two.  Below are some pictures with details and links to the glasses.. Thank you for stopping by!!

 These particular frames I believe are sold out . Some of the luxury frames on the sight tend to sell out quickly, you must be quick. If you like something on the site I suggest buying it before it goes.
 These are my favorite pair , I love these I will be showing how they look on me in my video review !

 The Ray-bans were available the last time I checked which was today in the morning, sadly they have sold out. BUT if you like the style and would still like them they do have them in a different color which so act fast!!!|M|K

 You also get a free kit with each pair of glasses you buy!!.. I got two of these one for each. It comes with a tiny screw driver to fix any loose screws, solution to keep your lenses clear and the rag to clean the lenses.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed !!!! Any and all questions are welcomed!!! 

 Eyeglasses were provided free for review purposes, I am not being paid.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families. I know I will be surrounded by mines but most importantly I'll be with my little mini me!!! Happy Mothers day ladies xoxo