Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I received to products to review on my you tube channel, if your interested in that video and would like to hear my thoughts Click Here ..But Here are pictures of the Items and How you can wear them.. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Face Of The Day

I have been doing this look for weeks now and I love the way it makes my eyes glow and with lashes its so glamorous. I also used this look with red lipstick and a pink lipstick looks great ...
I used  wet and wild palettes in Comfort zone I used the shadow marked eyelid for the lids..  from the Golden Goddess Palette I used the last color which is like a copper and from the Vanity I used the matte milky color for a highlight, all is circled in red in the pictures below. For the Lashes I got them off ebay and mascara I used Falsies .. I just had some lip balm on , carmex and nothing on my cheeks ..!! 


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review On Miss Jessie's Hair Products

This is going to be quick and simple what I like about each product and what I don't.

First Product I would like to discuss is the Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme :
This is specially formulated for babies curls. The first thing I noticed with this formula is that is smells AWESOME!. The smell alone is so wonderful that if it didn't work well or didn't do anything for her, I would still add a hit for the smell. What I did was after a bath I began to comb threw her knots and with each section I started off with a dime size amount and added another dime size for each portion i combed out. After her entire head was combed I added another dime size amount and ran it threw the entire head. While I did this her hair was a little wet they recommend using it on damp hair but her hair drys up really fast and gets frizzy if I don't apply anything. When her hair is fully dry the smell can stay for days and her curls are nice and defined and moisturized. This product worked extremely well for my daughter who's curls resemble a size 3c curl. She is mixed with Puerto Rican, Cuban, and African American. Her hair resembles more of her Spanish roots then Her African side. Needless to say this product I feel will work well with all babies just to give them what their hair needs the most moisture ! If it doesn't fully work for you Maybe use it for just the smell because it will make you cuddle your babies all day! I give this product a Five out of Five!

Next Off the list Is Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue :

I didn't really like this product too much I didn't see any difference or anything amazing to the point I haven't used it. It smells great I like that but it makes my hair get hard and stiff. I used less of  the recommended amount which is a tablespoon!.. 0_0 yes a tablespoon!. When I used less It did mositurize my hair but my curls were not defined they become waves. When I combed my hair out it become frizzy. Point Blank I didn't like this for nothing but a night creme that I will wash out in the morning. I use it once in a while but Don't really enjoy this. You cannot defuse your hair when you have this is in. You have to allow your hair to air dry. I give this product a 2 out of 5.

Last is my Favorite Miss Jessie's Quick Curls:

Now with this I first tried the recommended amount which in my opinion is WAY too much. I use a dime size now because when I use more then that my hair gets hard and stiff and when I comb it out or finger it , it gets really frizzy. It also doesn't make my curls defined they are not even waves!  I used a dime size on damp hair and I let it sit until my hair is almost air dried. I usually do my makeup at this time so by the time I am done my hair is almost dried. After it sits I use my hot tool hair dryer to diffuse my hair. My curls are about a 3 after I do this and they last all day they are nice and light my hair smells great .They are nice and moisturized and stay that way until i wash my hair. I love this product  but not the price. 
I give this product a 5 out of 5.

I really hope this was helpful to some of you. I will be doing a Video on this product when  the heat waves cools down and I wear my hair out!. Thank you for reading and stay beautiful.!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Graffiti Diva Cosmetics swatches!

Look at how lovely everything was packed ! I love it arrived safety and was in nice little blue bags that I will be saving. So if you like any of these colors and are interested check out Graffiti Diva Cosmetics , would you like to be up to date on sales,promotions and reviews check out their Youtube Channel here!.
 Okay so more and likey you have seen my review and came here for the swatches but if you haven't please take a minute to subscribe to my channel!   Thank you XOXO!

   FULL SWATCHES( no base and dry)
Below from left to right
Glamour Love, up in smoke (matte), Golden Rose (blush), Glammed Up, Pinch me (blush)

Below Left to right
Amazon (matte), Star, Naked, Royal palace, Rock stock, X-Static

A look i created with Glamour love a teal although it comes off baby blue and Royal palace!
look is on youtube! 

A special thank you from Graffiti Diva Cosmetics for allowing me to try out these amazing products 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NYX Box of smokey looks collection (

So I was given the Box of Smokey looks collection along with a couple of other items to review for PorkDaisy. (that will be in a video review next week). I am not to happy with this palette it has bad pigmentation I believe NYX could have done a lot better with this. I would say 90% of the eye-shadows are weak. The only ones I really liked were the shadows on the Bronze Smokey part of this palette. Also, a few from the natural. The Contour & highlight colors are pretty pigmented along with the blushes so thats always good. The lip glosses are okay.What I am really enjoying are the cream glitters, I truly love them I use them over the eye shadows for a pop of glam. The concealers suck but they are good for people who don't need a lot of coverage. Its a good buy for a beginner but for someone who likes highly pigmented products stay away from this palette .. Swatches of the entire kit below. Plus a link to a look I Posted on Youtube, HERE! Also get your palette HERE!

Classic Smokey and Purple Smokey
Swatches of the top bricks then swatches on the rest of the colors

Next Bronze Smokey and Natural smokey
Swatches of those bricks !

EHHH -__-
Swatches of the eye shadows in order by rows

Bronzers and Blushes 

Lip Glosses, cream Glitter and Concealers 

My First Look which the link is above