Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NYX Box of smokey looks collection (porkdaisy.com)

So I was given the Box of Smokey looks collection along with a couple of other items to review for PorkDaisy. (that will be in a video review next week). I am not to happy with this palette it has bad pigmentation I believe NYX could have done a lot better with this. I would say 90% of the eye-shadows are weak. The only ones I really liked were the shadows on the Bronze Smokey part of this palette. Also, a few from the natural. The Contour & highlight colors are pretty pigmented along with the blushes so thats always good. The lip glosses are okay.What I am really enjoying are the cream glitters, I truly love them I use them over the eye shadows for a pop of glam. The concealers suck but they are good for people who don't need a lot of coverage. Its a good buy for a beginner but for someone who likes highly pigmented products stay away from this palette .. Swatches of the entire kit below. Plus a link to a look I Posted on Youtube, HERE! Also get your palette HERE!

Classic Smokey and Purple Smokey
Swatches of the top bricks then swatches on the rest of the colors

Next Bronze Smokey and Natural smokey
Swatches of those bricks !

EHHH -__-
Swatches of the eye shadows in order by rows

Bronzers and Blushes 

Lip Glosses, cream Glitter and Concealers 

My First Look which the link is above 



  1. Great review!!! Mega photos!
    Thank you!)))

  2. Hi! Thanks for the review and swatches! :) I bought the same product. About the cream glitters, I've realized that there's just little chunks of glitter and underneath them is this creamy like substnace, the texture's like Vaseline. I wanted to know how exactly you use the cream glitters, that is, if you actually mix the glitters on top together with the creamy substance and then apply. Thanks a lot. :) Cheers!