Friday, November 30, 2012

Monster High Photography Werecat Sisters

Some of you may not know I have a little bit of talent when it comes to taking pictures and when I find myself a little stressed or bored that's what I like to do. Seeing I didn't have much to photograph and didn't want to go out because I was feeling a little sick, I decided to snap some photos of my daughters dolls. Now these are the cutest dolls I've ever seen and that is why I think they are so fun to take pictures of. I absolutely always enjoy putting them in little poses and making them almost come to life. These are the Werecat Sisters MeowLady and Purrsephone. My daughter has about 20 dolls nows from the monster high collection and I will admit I find myself playing with her. Anyways on to the photos. If you happen to save my photos Please do not crop them and remove the water mark. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

E.L.F Jumbo Eye and Lip Pencils

 Colors from Left to Right .. E.L.F Jumbo pencils 
Black: Midnight Rendezvous 
Light Brown: Little Miss Thing
Lightest:French Lace 
-Pretty Colors 
-Nice Packaging 
-No Need to sharpen pencils
-$2.00 each
-Creamy and easy to blend out
-Pigmented and rich in color

- The pencils stink very bad
-Creases after a couple of hours 
-No Matte colors
-Very Little product in them about an inch

 Top with flash Left with natural light

 Lip Jumbo Pencil
Pink: Flirty & Girly 
Orange: Tiki Torches

-Pretty colors
-The pink one has a Minty smell and feel
-Same price as Eye pencils $2.00
-Does not smell as bad as the Eye pencils

-Amount of product
-Too much glitter gets everywhere
-I feel the chunkiness of the glitter 
-Not really glossy gives a little shine
-Feels like a chapstick almost like the EOS balms not a gloss.

Top Without flash Right with

This is how much product each pencil has.

Review Video for this in a week or two.

Thanks for Stopping By!!!
It makes me Super happy

Monday, October 22, 2012

Diamond Candles Review


Hi, I recently had the pleasure of being able to review a candle from Diamond Candles and let me just say I am impressed. Diamond Candles have a new fragrance they are promoting it's called Enchanted Forest.. The smell is quite lovely it has notes of cinnamon , acorns, wild fruits, and a hint of forest fragrance. The strongest of all is cinnamon. I was actually worried at first upon smelling it threw the package that I would not like it ( yes it was quite strong), but once I lit it on I was in heaven. Diamond Candles is earth friendly!  The candles are made from soy wax which comes from a soy bean plant. The Wic is made from cotton and also covered in soy wax. The website states "When they are burned the ingredients evaporate into the air, and eventually those molecules make their way back into the ground again through rain water. It is a complete cycle!" 
There is a lot more information on the ingredients and how the candles are earth friendly on their About Us  section please check that out.

I just recently came across a small candle from bath and body works and it burned out within an hour. I have been burning my Diamond Candle for about 8 hours and its still at the top. Also Diamond Candles smell completely traveled threw out my house which is one of the top attributes I look for in candle. The Packaging was really nice check below for pictures. The candle was safe and came in its very own protective box then any corners was stuffed with paper so that it would not bounce around. I was very happy when I opened it.

 Now you're asking okay so what is so special about this candle its just a candle that smells awesome I can get that anywhere. This candle has a RING inside yes a RING :). It was wrapped up in a small baggie and then covered in foil. I did get a little wax on the ring but I just removed it quickly before it harden. The rings can range in value for example the price ranges are $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000 so you never know what you will get. This makes it even more fun to burn.  The ring I recieved was very pretty, it did not have any markings at all so I will assume my ring was $10. The one thing I did not like about the ring was that it did not fit one size too small :(.I think Diamond candles should have an option to choose your size.  I can trade with other members of Diamond Candle via their facebook fan page if I wanted too though, but I still was bummed it did not fit. So Overall I really like these candles and I am very pleased and happy with it. I will have a Youtube Video created by the end of the week. Also Diamond Candles is hosting a awesome giveaway for everyone to enter. The prize is your very own Enchanted Forest Candle. If you would like a shot at winning one please enter threw the link below. Good Luck!!! Check out my pictures :)



Disclaimer: I did receive this candle for free in exchange to give my honest opinions on it. I am not getting paid nor asked to be paid. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Influenster Website

He's Excited
Hi Ladies! 
So if you haven't heard about Influenster please get with the program ^.^ lol 
. Awesome website. Basically you do some task like sharing things on facebook, twitter, youtube, blogger, and other social networks to get free boxes filled with different products. The website before was VERY easy and one could just sign up get a bunch of badges and receive a voxbox. Now with the new site the more active you are the more points you get which will qualify you for boxes. I really like the layout and feel of the new site very easy to find your way around. I like the point system I think its great how people who deserve to get boxes will!
 You really have to check it out for yourself , join , and start to earn points to receive your boxes. Remember the more active you are the more likely you are to get a box.. Have fun and thanks for checking out my blog please subscribe to it to get updated


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aqua Charms NEW Swarovski Crystals Eyeshadow Palette swatches

Hello Darlings!!! Today I am just going to share a BUNCH of swatches from the 88 Color palette from Aqua Charms. The entire palette is covered in crystals a review will be up on my youtube channel CandyMandy19 this week . You can also personalize it with your name and colors. Also, the palettes can have a 3D effect on them like their phone cases on the site. You can buy the palette HERE if you want it before my review. Thanks for stopping by.
Please subscribe to both my youtube and my blog for fun videos/blog posts.  So lets get to it. Any questions please feel free to ask me. 

The Front of the palette !

 The back of the palette >>>>>
 The Inside ^

The swatches are from one row going down not across . 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Honeybug819's contest Pictures :)

For your viewing pleasure. I am very proud of my creation here. I created everything and I did this over a period of 3 weeks I didn't just make it in one day. I used a mailing box from USPS to create the room and painted it with purple paint. I did the same to make the dresser, window chair, and the bed.  Any questions please ask me!  I do not mind if I inspire you but PLEASE give me credit where do. Its not right nor fair to enter the same contest and use some of my ideas. I don't mind but I would like credit for inspiring you and you using my ideas.