Thursday, November 1, 2012

E.L.F Jumbo Eye and Lip Pencils

 Colors from Left to Right .. E.L.F Jumbo pencils 
Black: Midnight Rendezvous 
Light Brown: Little Miss Thing
Lightest:French Lace 
-Pretty Colors 
-Nice Packaging 
-No Need to sharpen pencils
-$2.00 each
-Creamy and easy to blend out
-Pigmented and rich in color

- The pencils stink very bad
-Creases after a couple of hours 
-No Matte colors
-Very Little product in them about an inch

 Top with flash Left with natural light

 Lip Jumbo Pencil
Pink: Flirty & Girly 
Orange: Tiki Torches

-Pretty colors
-The pink one has a Minty smell and feel
-Same price as Eye pencils $2.00
-Does not smell as bad as the Eye pencils

-Amount of product
-Too much glitter gets everywhere
-I feel the chunkiness of the glitter 
-Not really glossy gives a little shine
-Feels like a chapstick almost like the EOS balms not a gloss.

Top Without flash Right with

This is how much product each pencil has.

Review Video for this in a week or two.

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