Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NEW Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Color

You can Find Garnia Olia at some of these retailers CVS, Rite aid, K-mart, Target, Walmart, Walgreens and some grocery stores. I brought mine at Rite Aid for $10.49 with a coupon up to $9.99 I only paid out of pocket $1.50.

So I am going to start off by listing the claims of this product and then tell you what I think about each claim if it worked for me or it didn't.
-100% Gray coverage
-Maximum color coverage
-Visibly improves and restores hair
-Softer, Shinier hair with bounce
-Pleasant floral scent
-Reverse dullness and roughness

Those are most of the claims that I picked up. Okay now for my thoughts and opinions :) I am actually VERY happy with this product. As far as gray coverage I have no gray hairs so I cannot tell you that it covered that.I did have a few strands in my hair where it was almost blonde and some spots that were of a reddish color that was covered very well. So now my hair is one solid color so I guess the claim Maximum color coverage is correct I am happy with that. Visibly improves and restores hair, I actually agree with this my hair feels sightly better then before . I've even gotten some of my curls back which is completely odd lol..My hair is already shiny but this didn't make it extremely shiny my hair stayed the same shine which was a little disappointing I was expecting that it would be super shiny. For Softer hair with bounce Is the claim that completely sold me and was excited to see it was  true. While I was shampooing my hair I was like holy moly it was BABY soft almost like new born baby hair. It was incredible. I let my hair air dry, the bounce I had made me feel so wonderful. My hair was smooth so reverse roughness was correct and my hair looked alive, so reverse dullness was correct also. Now the smell is  amazing when I was done mixing the colorant and developer I was very curious so I toke a whiff an wow smells real good. That smell lingered after I washed and used the conditioner provided . The conditioner was great  but it did have a weird copper smell which reminded me of when I had a nose bleed one hot summer day which was odd but once my hair dried up it was gone. The formula was something new to me, I never had something like this before. It wasn't watery nor thick almost of a gel formula, sorta like the baby oil gel lotions but it wasn't a clear liquid. Once you put it in your hair you can definitely see how it is oil powered because once mixed I opened the bottle and it didn't look like oil until I put it in my hair. Washing it out was very easy to my surprise I thought I would have trouble removing all the oil but I did not. Also, usually with other dyes a lot of the color would wash out with Olia it did not.The dye did not stain my skin or even get on my clothes. I don't know if it will fade fast within a couple of washes but I heard someone complain about that I will make an update on this if it does but I don't expect to last forever either.  I usually like to color my hair with at home hair dyes every 3 to 6 months.

I choose a Dark brown and one bottle completely covered my whole entire head . My hair is long so I was happy to see I did not need
another bottle.

Here is the back off my head. I usually put on a bag or shower cap over my hair but I didn't need too with this dye because the smell was just so nice.

The box was well put together it contained:
1 Bottle for the dye
1 Tube of  developer 
1 Tube of colorant 
1 Tube of conditioner
A instruction booklet 
1 Pair of awesome Black gloves. 

I was very impressed with the instruction sheet. It was good quality paper, colorful, and good information. Also, the gloves were not attached to the paper it was in its own Plastic baggie which to me was a plus. The gloves were of good quality,nice & soft, and felt nice and snug on my hands which made it easier when time to apply the hair dye. The box was to me like a normal box very appealing and attractive. I really did appreciate the time and thought Garnier put into the appearance of this product. I found the bottle to be super cute and one of the best bottles I've tried. Easy to get the product out I had no product spills no mess to clean up and amazingly no product fell on my shirt. The top of this bottle was a great idea.

Here is my After pic, same color the most noticeable difference is the softness, bounce, and smoothness. I've always had shiny hair so you can notice a slight difference but nothing too much which I will say I am a little disappointed as far as shine. I really was hoping to have a lot more shine to my hair ;(
Over all I would give this product a 9 out of 10 
I do recommend this product although my tiny disappointment with the shine just because of how my hair feels. I think to me that's the most important aspects of a hair dye. My hair is in greater condition then before I dyed it and I am very satisfied with that.   
This is the end of my review I truely hope this was somewhat helpful. Thank you to Garnier and BzzAgent who provided me with this free box of Olia to try out. 

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