Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jemma Kidd Liquid Eyeliners

Heeyy Ya'll!!!
 Jemma Kidd liquid liners are really nice. I have two and each were priced at $16.99 each, not including state taxes. I purchased mines at target but you can probably find them at other stores where her brand is or online. I am going to list the pro and the cons really quickly of the formula not the colors.
- VERY long wearing stays on for hours even when lids get a little greasy
-Creamy formula
- No smell what so ever
-Very nice amount in bottle will last you for a very long time

-I hate the brush it gets really messy and doesn't give me precise application
- Without eye makeup remover this stuff does not come off easyly
- When you get this on your eye lashes you're kinda doomed lol
- VERY sticky

Now with the colors I feel the purple just lacks something. It is not as pigmented as I was hoping it would be, it looks as though it would be pretty bright. I will say the formula is for some reason a little more smoother and easy to apply. The Teal on the other hand is beautiful I am in love with it and alone gives drama to a simple cat liner. It shines so pretty when the light hits it and brings out your eyes. It is a little more clumpy and a little more sticky but once applied and has dried soo worth the fight!!..

If I could change something I definitely would ask Jemma Kidd to make it WAY less sticky and way more pigment on certain colors. Other wise I do recommend the Teal color. Enjoy below pictures Thanks for stopping by!! Subscribe to my blog if you haven't !!!



 Purple in 03 Drama , Teal in 01 Covert


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