Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

   I Brought this mascara a couple of weeks ago and just started using it a couple of days behind. I am totally digging this masacar. I don't like waterproof so I was more then pleased to see this was not waterproof.
  The cool thing about this mascara is that it has two different settings. Setting one is for length and drama, this is my favorite so far. I will say although it is my favorite it tends to get really clumpy . It gives me a fuller look but does get clumpy and if not applyed right, you can get that spider lash effect. Setting number two is for length and definiton . I like this side as well but not as much as setting number one. This setting does not really clump up on you, which is good. I studied the wand and when you switch the settings a new set of brushes pop in and out. That is what gives you the different effect because the formula stays the same. Below are some pictures please enjoy...

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Amanda :)

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