Thursday, February 10, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream swatches !!

Here are the upclose and personal swatches for The Lip Creams that NYX just recently came out with .. I paid about 9.95 for two threw a ebay seller I will provide the link They run about $6 a pop so you save 3 bucks !! Anyways here is the first one which is Tokyo
as you can tell its a little out there for my skin tone and it shows every crack and dried spot on ur lip.. Not my favorite by its self. but this would look great on fair skin.. I plan to use this with a pinker gloss on top! Here is a swatch of it next to both the Lady Gaga Lip Gloss and Lip stick ..
The Mac lippies are on the Left!
Next is my favorite one it is called Addis Ababa its a hot pink but is kinda sheer so you can to build it up! This is how it looks alone drys up matte..

Next I will add some gloss so you can see how it looks I am using a NYX lipgloss in Doll Pink



  1. Adis Ababa looks amazing on you!

  2. Hi dear... can u list down the shades of your nyx round lipglosses? Would love to buy those colours....