Monday, September 10, 2012

Julep Maven Nail Polishes Review

 From Left to Right : Blue is 2200 Claire , Purple is 2108 Morgan, and Yellow is 2159 Blake.

All together I paid to try out these polishes a total of $0.01 , That's right ladies ONE PENNY!!!!.. Awesome right. You can click here , Take the style test and if you want to place your very first order Use the coupon code "penny" and tada!.. I would also like to add that is only for NEW members. Shipping was fast, processing time was fast, customer service is great, great service overall. Pricing is a bit to much seeing how small to me the nail polishes are you get 8ml/ .27fl oz of product for $14.99 a bottle . so yeah kinda eh I can get the same quality in china glaze or OPI for half the price. I mean its great quality  but the price should be toned down A LOT
Now with the review:

My favorite out of all three nail polishes is definitely Claire such a beautiful blue. I had one just like this from sally Hansen "you had me at blue", that ran out. So there is a dupe. One problem I will say that I did not enjoy is that I used the blue twice , I painted  my nails and my aunts ( 2 coats each) As you can tell from the above picture that a good amount of product was used and now its going down. I use thin coats because I don't like the thick feeling and how long a thick coat will take to dry. I can see this nail polish will be half way soon. So for $14.99 a bottle if I do decide to stay with Julep, I was expecting a bigger bottle with A LOT more product to last me a long time. I ALWAYS have my nails painted.

The Yellow and purple is quite beautiful as well. The yellow just like the blue it is matte and sorta creamy. They are not extremely thick but not watery either.The purple on the other hand is not thick and it is shimmery. I would say the finish is perfect on the blue and yellow because I prefer matte then shimmery. I still have on the blue and it has not chipped or anything . Dries fast and the color definitely stands out with all three of them, Here are the swatches. Any questions please feel free to ask.. Hope this review was helpful.

    Yellow is Blake 

Purple is Morgan 

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