Monday, April 29, 2013

Garnier New BB Cream for Combination/Oily Skin

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free B.B. Cream

So Garnier recently came out with this new BB cream specifically for combination/oily skin. The claims on this BB cream product are listed on the box so I will list them here for you to check out as well as my rating of 1-5 . Retails for $11.97 at and price varies in drug stores. Brings  2.0 FL OZ in a tube.
-Controls oil and shine ( 2) 
-Naturally covers imperfections (4) 
-Minimizes pores (3)
-Provides Oil free hydration (2)
-Protects with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen against harmful effects of the sun when used with other sun protection measures (5)

Let's start with Controls oil and shine. I gave this a 2 out of 5 (5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest). When you first apply the BB cream yes you have a nice matte finish and you will not need to apply powder which is great. The problem is that lasted very shorty, I would say after the first hour of me wearing the BB cream oil was starting to come threw. After hour 2 my face felt as if it was melting, I touched my face and it felt as if the product was slippery. You know that sticky slip and slide feeling we get with very oily foundations. Which was odd to me because this is supposed to be for oily skin. For a day at the beach this isn't bad at all  because you will continue to reapply once out the water for the SPF protection. I wanted to use this for the beach days as well as everyday for the summer because it was very lightweight and when first applied it doesn't feel like you have anything on your face. Which you know would be great for the hot humid summer. The problem is it says on the packaging All-Day control in Bright blue bold letters but on the side in small white lettering it says "reapply at least every 2-hours". I don't want to have to do that especially when I am out and about. How fun would that be to stop while shopping or eating dinner to have to wash my face and reapply OR blot my face of oil and Add another layer every two hours until I look like someones wedding cake. Not fun. 
Next on my list is Naturally covers imperfections. I gave that a 4. It covered my redness and a small scar on my nose I have. My freckles were still visible which I like. Nothing to talk about to much coverage was great for a BB cream. 
For Minimizes Pores I gave a 3. I didn't see any pores on my face but on my nose it was a little more visible so I would need an extra coating on my nose. As Far as huge pimples or bumps I think it made them more noticeable. 
Provides Oil Free Hydration this for me was very close to being a 1. My skin looked so dry around my nose, mouth area, and my the center of my eyebrows within the first hour. At first I thought it was me so I exfoliated my skin, moisturized well, and primed my skin before applying. That didn't work for me the product looked gross until my oils toke over within the first hour. 
Now we all know that the SPF 20 sunscreen is good so I don't need to go into details there. Overall  I feel this BB cream needs a little more work but it is good for those who during the summer days will want to apply fast and head out the door. My favorite part is the coverage and how lightweight it feels. Also sad they don't have more color choices. I plan to use the rest of my tube for the summer hopefully Garnier will continue to perfect this BB cream for us Oily beauties.
I hope this was helpful to you!. Here is a photo of me wearing it. No powder a little blush and bronzer.  This picture was taken using a flash camera but becareful with that because it doesn't always look like that. Stay Beautiful xoxo Panda ;)
Thank you to Garnier and BzzAgent who provided me with this free product to test out you can sign up for BzzAgent on there website. Start signing up for campaigns to receive items.
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